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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cinderella Trail Run 10k

Even though only the trail was named "Cinderella", if I had to equate it to a princess...I don't think Shrek's version of the OCD cleaning girl would be appropriate.

Probably more like the kick butt take no prisoner attitude of Snow White would work out well.

This race takes top rank as one of my favorite trail races for it's scenic beauty, tough challenges, and mud mud mud!

I stood in my bathroom contemplating a second layer of clothing; the news has said a high of 66 in the region so I knew the morning would be chilly. I decided against it and threw on my thin jacket to wear until start time. As we drove closer to the bay area I knew I had made the wrong choice. The clouds were overhead and the fog hung low. It was going to be wet and chilly.

We arrive a little less than an hour before the race and The Hubbs dropped me off at the gate while he parked the car with the boys. There was hardly anyone there and it was so quiet and serene where they had the start area, a small meadow among giant redwoods.
I snapped this photo below because of it's irony. On the right is the men's line to the bathroom...I have never seen a men's line to the bathroom before. Snapshot!

The race lengths were 10k, half marathon, marathon, and ultra marathon! There were about 280 people in total participating in the race, about 20 were doing the ultra and another 20 the marathon. These people are hardcore because my little 10k was enough for me!

We all grouped up and placed ourselves accordingly...sort of. It was all a big jumble and I just tried to stay on the right as best as I could without getting into the poison oak. I was clipping along pretty well feeling good. We hit almost all of our elevation gains in the first 3 miles. The maps said we would climb about 1000ft during the whole race. I was really having fun. The mist laid heavy on the tree canopy and in some areas I imagined it would be similar to running in the rain forest. The quiet and serene calm of nature and the power in your legs while they run on the soft leaf laden ground.

As we came through the second mile the scenery changed to open meadows, but the trails were carved through the brush. One area I came to reminded me of an image you might see in a fairytale place, it felt so magical to run through it, it gave me a childlike feeling.

Because of there being so much going on during the race the distance can seem like it takes forever to cover...which it does. I was averaging about 15 min/mile within the first 2 miles. By the time we got to the 4 mile mark we were met with our second round of challenging hills. This part was by far the hardest. It started with a very steep incline, I had to use rocks and tree roots for leverage. Then came the descent which was worse! There were many muddy parts and as I came to one part I began to lose my footing. I was able to catch myself in time and get out of the way of some mountain bikers using the trail. I was almost stuck for a minute not knowing how to traverse this muddy slope without falling, but I eventually found my way.

Going from hard rocky paths to soft mud was also doing a number on my knees and I knew they would be sore. TOM had been freaking out the whole time pausing and un pausing so I knew the only thing I could take from him today would be my time. The mileage was about half a mile off.

When I finally got to the end of the decline I was feeling worn out and wondering how much longer I had, as I came around a corner there was a guy carrying...yes carrying in his arms a baby and hiking. ::hand to forehead:: I hope he was on his way back to the meadow because he made my stomach turn. I started to take another walking break when I was suddenly coming into the finish. Oh I guess I'm done.

I spotted The Hubbs and he spotted me and told Kid#1 to go get ready to run with me.
He crossed the finish with me, but he did have to have his own finish so he came in after me with his arms raised like he had conquered the world!
He then helped me hand out some Jamba Juice coupons and tattoos for the kids...
It was a great race and I finished in about 1:35 minutes which is about 2 minutes more than what I finished the Diablo Trail Race in.
This was also my last public race for team Jamba Juice and I was happy to bring their product to the trail racing world. My sponsorship doesn't end until the first week of September so be on the lookout for a virtual race and giveaway coming soon!
And, lastly,I received a wonderful complement from The Hubbs this morning before I started, something he's never told me before, but it made me feel great. He told me that I was really looking fit. I love that! I've heard plenty of times from him that I'm beautiful, how much he loves me, that I'm a great wife, but he knew what really means the most to me is my health and my fitness. I'm so glad to have a wonderful husband who shuttles me to races, stands on the sidelines and cheers, and makes me push to be a better person daily.
How was your weekend?!


Monica said...

Great job on your trail run. The pictures were beautiful. I'm jealous of your cooler temperatures. :)

Kristen said...

This race looked like a lot of fun. I would love to try a trail run.

What a sweet husband!